Prof. Dr. Rathindra Nath Dutta (MD, DTM & H, MBBS)

IPL Therapy in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Senior Consultant in Manipal Hospital (Formerly Columbia Asia Hospital), Salt Lake

Past Professor & HOD: IPGMER & SSKM Hospital, Kolkata

Past National President of Indian Association of Leprosy (IAL)

Chairperson Aesthetica Asia Conferences

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Dermatosurgery : IPL Therapy


Affecting many people from their thirties onward, the signs of sun damage include Patches of Abnormal Color, Rough Skin Texture, Broken Capillaries and Fine Lines. The combination of a mild peel followed Byphoto-Therapy is a new advanced method for repairing the effects of sun damage.

A) The first part of a combined therapy involves applying a peel to the skin. In just a few minutes the peel will remove the top layers of dead skin and penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin to promote production of new collagen. After the peel the skin has a noticeably smoother feel and glowing complexion.

B) Secondly, Photo-Therapy uses Intense Pulses of Red Light applied ail over the face to stimulate the growth of new collagen and elastin fibres in the deeper layers of the skin, which improves firmness and overall texture of the skin. Additionally, pulses of yellow light can be used to remove capillaries and abnormal pigmentation. The procedure is quick, and gives long term removal of all the visible signs of ageing.

Hair Removal

There are many choices for Removal of Unwanted Hair. Techniques such as Shaving, Waxing and Depilatory Creams provide only a short-term solution and require repeat use within days or weeks, and can result in a sensitivity rash after use. Treatment with Light (Intense Pulsed Light and Laser) destroys the Hair Root to stop Re-Growth, and represents the only alternative to electrolysis for long term removal of Hair.

There is no need to grow the Hair for the Treatment, allowing you to shave or use a depilatory cream between each monthly session. The pulses of light are absorbed by melanin within the Hairs, Creating Heat that destroys the Hair Root.

The treatments are fast, allowing the whole area or multiple areas to be treated at each session. As the technique is non-invasive, there Is Less Trauma caused to the Skin than most other Hair Removal Methods. The Light Pulse is Very Short, causing only a Mild Sensation during treatment.

Vein Removal

There are several ways to removal unsightly Blood Vessels that appear on the surface of the skin. Techniques such as Diathermy and Sclerotherapy involve the insertion of a needle into the Vein and the application of a current or a Chemical to Kill the Vessel. Both of these techniques are invasive and can cause significant Skin Trauma, as well as requiring several long treatment sessions.

Treatment with Light (Intense Pulsed Light and Laser) is unique as it destroys unsightly Blood Vessels by sending very short pulses of light into the Skin, Destroying the vein using Heat. The Vessels Shrink over the following weeks and are Re-Absorbed by the body.

All areas of the body can be treated, and particular success is seen with Facial problems such as Permanent Red Flushing, Broken Thread Veins and Red Spots.

The treatments are Fast, allowing the whole area or Multiple Areas to be treated at each monthly session. As the light pulse is very short, only a moderate sensation is felt during treatment.

Pigmentation Removal

As we age, Sun Exposure can lead to the development of Small Patches of Permanent Darker Skin on the face, Neck and Back of the Hands. Techniques such as Dermabrasion, Chemical Peels and Bleaching products will lessen their appearance; however these techniques can result in a reddening of the skin following treatment.

Intense Pulsed Light Treatment removes Pigmentation by Stimulating Renewal of the Upper Layers Of Skin from Underneath, giving an effective and non-invasive alternative. The Pulses of Light are absorbed by the Excess Melanin, creating heat that destroys the uppermost Pigmented Skin Cells, and the area is renewed after 10-14 days. The Light Pulse also stimulates the growth of New Collagen and Elastin Fibres in the Skin, which improves Firmness and overall Texture, helping to over-come the effects of Sun Damage.